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McNeely Irish Stout

This low ABV beer is a roasty, dry yet creamy Irish stout brewed with an assortment of roasted and biscuit malts with a touch of rye. Slainte!

ABV 4.3%

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Now you CAN!

210 Blonde and 210 IPA are now available in 12oz. 6-packs! Get yours at 210 Brewing CO and at both River Rock gas stations!

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Our Beers, On Tap Now

  • Azacca Smash

     ABV 5.8%

    Single Malt and Single Hop Pale Ale

    Tasting Notes:

    Fresh citrus, lemon, piney, tropical fruit.

  • McNeely Irish Stout

    ABV 4.3%

    Irish Stout

    Tasting Notes:

    Roasty, dry yet creamy, with an assortment of roasted and biscuit malts with a touch of rye.

  • Emotional Support Space Horse

    ABV 6.3%

    Hazy IPA.

    Tasting Notes:

    Notes of tangerine, grapefruit, marmalade and sweet fruit


    Lemondrop, Nectaron, Azacca, Citra and Idaho 7.

  • Maintenance Crew Peanut Butter Brew

    ABV 6.9%, IBU 20

    Peanut Butter Chocolate Porter

  • Peak IPA

    ABV 8.5%, IBU 89

    Double IPA

    Tasting notes:

    Bright and juicy with notes of pine, mandarin, and sweet fruit


    Eclipse, Nectaron, Helios, and Moutere Hops (New Zealand & Australian hops)

  • Longshot Hoppy Lager

    ABV 6%, IBU 52

    Longshot Hoppy Lager is a clean, balanced lager that has been lightly dry hopped to create an enjoyable drinking experience.
    Hops: Cashmere, Nectaron, Warrior

    Tasting Notes:

    This beer has notes of Lemon, Melon, Citrus with a light herbal backbone and a touch of balanced bitterness.

  • 210 Blonde

    ABV 4.8%, IBU 13

    Belgian style blonde ale brewed with Coriander and orange peel

    Tasting notes:
    Light and crisp with notes of orange and spice

  • 210 Light Lager

    ABV 3.5%, IBU 9

    American style pilsner brewed with pilsner malt

    Tasting notes:
    Light and crisp

  • 210 IPA

    ABV 6.8%, IBU 52

    West Coast style IPA brewed with Cascade, Centennial, and Amarillo hops

    Tasting notes:
    Clean subtle malt character with notes of pine and citrus

  • Crash Course Cold IPA

    ABV 6.7%, IBU 53

    Clean crisp IPA brewed with
    Rakau, Cascade, Helios, and
    Willamette hops

    Tasting notes:
    Hop forward Cold IPA with
    a crisp finish. Notes of
    mango, citrus and pine.

  • Diablo Red

    ABV 5.3%, IBU 44

    American Red Ale

    Tasting notes:

    Red to amber in color. Slightly malty, crisp with
    a light hop presence.


    Magnum and Chinook

  • Hawk Bock

    ABV 6.4%, IBU 24

    A traditional German style lager with dark smooth flavor

    Tasting notes:
    Slightly malty with hints of bread and cracker. Crisp finish.

  • Prime Porter

    ABV 6.5%, IBU 25

    A strong, full bodied, imperial roasty porter

    Tasting notes:

    Notes of chocolate, coffee, and a light hint of smoked malt

  • Granny Haze

    ABV 6.7%, IBU 5

    Hazy IPA

    Tasting notes:
    Hazy IPA with notes of sweet fruit and tangerine

At 210 Brewing Co., we’re proud to offer an array of award-winning beers, each meticulously crafted to cater to a wide range of tastes. Explore our seasonal varieties and guest taps, each offering a unique flavor profile and brewing story.

Whether you’re a craft beer connoisseur or a casual enthusiast, you will find your new favorite brew here. Complement your drink with our extensive selection of delectable dishes. From breakfast favorites to satisfy your morning cravings, to hearty pub fare and artisanal pizzas for lunch or dinner, our menu is designed to delight your palate.

Each dish is prepared using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, ensuring a meal that’s as delicious as it is satisfying.