Play Keno


Ever thought about playing Keno? Here is why you should:
Keno has the characteristics of a lottery. You buy a ticket, fill in the numbers, and go explore the rest of the casino. Before you leave, you check your ticket, and you may just be lucky enough to cash in on a nice prize. It is that easy to play, so why not go ahead and fill in that Keno ticket?

Live Keno 9AM – 6:30PM daily

Put your lucky numbers to the test by playing in our $750 Keno Tournaments! Visit the Keno Lounge every Tuesday at 3:30PM!

Games & Progressives

Here at the Angel of the Winds Casino Resort, the joy of Keno is that everyone in your party can play it, it takes no experience, and you can entertain yourselves with multiple options. Offering many levels that can be played for little investment, it really is just an enjoyable way to escape your everyday routine and have some laughs with your friends and family. Of course, why stop at one special ticket when there are so many ways to play? Choose from our variety of game selections:

  • 190/8

    190/8 is a game that plays all 80 numbers on the Keno board. 190/8 is played with 20 groups of 4 on each ticket that equal to 190 groups that play off of each other.  There are 2 ways of playing 190/8, vertical or boxes.

  • 20 Spot

    The 20 Spot game can be played at $2.50 or $5 a game. The 20 spot special allows you to pick 20 spots on the Keno board. The bonus to this special is if none of your numbers get called you can win $500 or $1,000 depending on the price point you played.

  • 5 Spot

    5 Spot is as simple as selecting five numbers of your choice! Three or more of your numbers must be drawn to win.

  • All Or Nothing

    All or Nothing is a special known as a catch all. All or Nothing is a $1 or $2 game where all the numbers on your ticket must be called in one game.

  • Lil’ Bit

    The Lil’ Bit special allows guests to play a minimum of 100 games at $.05 a game. Pick 4 to 9 numbers with a chance to win $11 to $6,000!

  • Multiplier

    The Multiplier special doubles the bet on the Keno ticket at the end of each game drawn; a wheel will spin with a chance to win 5X the winnings!

  • Pennies From Heaven

    Pennies from Heaven is a 1c KENO – Play 1,000 8-Spot Games For $10.00. Pennies from Heaven is an 8 spot game with a chance to win $1,200!

  • Straight Ticket

    Try your chance to win up to $50,000 by playing your favorite numbers! Pick 1 to 15 numbers, and depending on how many numbers you pick, that will determine how much you have a chance to win!

  • Sweet Sixteen

    Sweet Sixteen is a $5 game. This is a 16 spot game that we call the game you cannot lose. If any of your numbers are called during the game, you could win $1 to $50,000. If none of your numbers are called you still win! There is no way to not walk away a winner in this game!

  • The Edge

    The Edge is a specialty game where you mark all the numbers on the edge of the Keno Board.

  • Top/Bottom Or Left/Right

    The Top/Bottom or Left/Right game allows you to play the entire Keno board.  The Top/Bottom ticket is split between the 30 and 40 line.  The Left/Right is split between the 5’s and 6’s.

  • Two Bit

    The Two Bit special allows you to play a minimum of 21 games at a  quarter a game, making the minimum cost at $5.25. Two Bit allows you to pick 4 to 8 spots, with a chance to win from $45 to $5,000.

  • Vegas Style

    Vegas Style is a 10c Keno game – Minimum 100 Games for $10.00 – Maximum 1,000 games for $100.00.  Vegas Style is a 3 to 10 spot game with a chance to win $5 to $17,000.

“Have you ever contemplated the excitement of playing Keno? Here are a few compelling reasons why it should be on your must-try list!

Keno seamlessly captures the essence of a captivating lottery experience. Simply get your ticket and select your numbers, before venturing off into the casino’s wonderland. As you relish the various attractions, your anticipation builds. And just before you bid adieu, a quick check of your ticket might reveal a delightful surprise – a potentially lucrative win. Engaging with Keno is truly as simple as that.

Join us for Live Keno from 12PM to 8PM every day, and add a dash of thrill and anticipation to your experience.”